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Bancassurance to catch on in Vietnam's life insurance market

Sunday, July 15, 2018 4:16:47 PM

Bancassurance is a combination of "bank" and "insurance". In general, Bancassurance is the way of banks providing insurance services to customers through their network and transaction offices. The role of banks can be at different levels depending on the type of Bancassurance.

Vietnam Life insurance companies apply flexible bancassurance models such as four models below:

Distribution Agreement

Strategic cooperation (also known as exclusive distribution)

Joint venture

Financial Group (a group of corporations which owns life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies, banks, finance companies, fund management companies).


Compared with other countries in the region, the distribution of insurance through the banking channel of Vietnam is still very low, only more than 10% of Gross Written Premium in 2017. Because traditional distribution channels are still by agents

Prudential, Prévoir and Dai-ichi are insurance companies with the largest number of counterpart banks. In terms of bancassurance revenue, Manulife is the best with sales growth of 166% of bancassurance in the past two years.

The bank may charge a commission of about 20-30% on the bancassurance channel. On the part of insurance companies, especially FWD Vietnam, using this model to exploit ABBank's and ABBA's customers exclusively has brought in over 30% of the total premium income in 2017.

However, in long-term agreement, the insurance companies have to pay a certain amount to the banks called the prepaid fee, and this payment is paid once during the time of cooperation. While this payment is recognized as expense for the insurance companies, it is accounted that part of the revenue in the service business segment. Therefore, some insurance companies are still afraid of expanding the bancassurance.

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