About Us

“From our initial days of hard copy reports within a closed society to today’s Vietnam with internet-driven integration and progress, we have worked at understanding our customers and continually improved ours products and services.”

In 1996, VietnamCredit made its first approach at business information, a new field of service in Vietnam at that time. Our first client, a Hong Kong investor, asked us to analysis and provide information on investment opportunities in Vietnam.

There were three principles that guided our work then, that still guide us now: first, the accurate positioning of enterprises; second, the managing of risk and the promoting of business cooperation; and third, to bring transparency and fairness to the broader Vietnamese economy. Over the past 20 years, Vietnam CreditRating has been a leader in Vietnam credit information & rating service industry. We have continually pursued the core values of integrity, authenticity and objectivity in the credit information we provide. We have consistently helped our clients make better, faster and more accurate decisions. We have overcome difficulties and lived out our values of: dignity, integrity and continual self-improvement. From. . . and services to best meet our clients requirements. We believe our sincerity, passion, and commitment to our core values will result in our client's continued trust and their continued success.


1,240,000 Registered Companies in Vietnam

600,000 Corporate Credit Reports

2,500  Risk Management Reports


Trust-worthy Sources of Data

Professional & Hardworking Staff

Modern Information System


Accurate Positioning

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Enable Trade


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